Ill Gotten View

This is not misogyny,
This is social commentary.

That’s what they thought me.
That’s what I used to believe.
Before I’d come to see
The difference between
A man with a joke
And a wholly unprovoked
Attack on the female form.
An active shot at keeping the morale
Of the gal down.
Reducing their struggle
To nothing more than it’s basic parts.
The dirty, lesser traits
That all good causes must embrace
To create the space needed
To gain a place, in the line,
The race.
From which you can submit
More than children or a heavy drip.
Where opinions rendered meet more than quips.
Where you can take part,
Make a start at submitting contributions
For peer review.
As you are well equipped to.
Free from the patriarchal vice grip
That so controls you,
Defines the lines to which you are constrained to.
Maintaining it’s ill gotten view
From the top.
Halting advances to reason
By labeling femininity treason
Against the kings of the long con.

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